Bormio is not only popular for skiing and the World Cup events. Its name has, indeed, been mentioned since the time of the ancient Romans for its thermal baths. Wellness, relaxation and body’s care are the ingredients of our reinvigorating after-ski.

With the innovative Bormio Pass we wanted to combine the two key elements of Bormio’s perfect holiday, that are ski and spa, in order to avoid yourself the stress of repeated and long waits at too many ticket offices. Buying the card gives you the chance to ski within one great ski area made of three mountains (i.e. S. Caterina, Bormio, S. Colombano) and relax at the “QC Terme” spasBagni Nuovi and Bagni Vecchi, among the best spas in Europe for the quality of the offered services and known since first-century B.C..
Waiting in line at the ticket office, source of stress during your holiday, will no longer be a problem. Become the absolute owner of your time by purchasing Bormio Pass. Enjoy your dreamlike vacation rich in sports and wellness!

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